Are you a Carer, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist? Join our Healsoul.

Hello, I am Dr. I focus on helping the patient become as functional and pain-free as possible in order to enjoy life as fully as possible. Arthur Miller ! Your professional Physiatrist

President of the Australian Medical Association

2000 - 2005

Chief of The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA)

2014 - 2019

Services offered

Physical Treatment services

Upon request, HealSoul Health Services staff will provide instructions for individuals whose medical conditions need special attention and additional certificates.

Awards & Honors

Annual awards for career recognition

My achievements so far for my research and service that improve the lives of people with mental and physical illness.

Administrative Psychiatry Award

Honors as an administrator of a major mental health program that has expanded the management of health service delivery systems.

Distinguished Service Award

Honors individuals who have contributed exceptional meritorious service to the field of psychiatry.

Health Services Research Award

Honors an early career psychiatrist for outstanding contributions to the field of psychiatric health services research.

Marmor (Judd) Award

Honors an individual who has contributed to research advancing the biopsychosocial aspects of psychiatry.
Successful Cases
Happy Clients
Published Books

Healsoul - Physical therapy
written by Dr. Arthur Miller

The book takes a problem-solving approach to the therapeutic management of movement limitations, and quality of life.
“You can find hope in despair. Dwell on positive thoughts.”
- Dr. Arthur Miller -

How healthy are you

Your health is important…

Blog Updates

Featured Blog Articles

Insights on topics about Mental and Physical Development from our experts for a better life.

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